Using Ideate Explorer to decipher the language of Revit Warnings


Using Ideate Explorer to decipher the language of Revit Warnings

September 20, 2018 11:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT

IDeate Explorer

Warnings!   Advertencias!   Avertissements!   Warnungen!

Revit Warnings in ANY language can be a problem. Failure to manage the warnings in your Revit project could result in poor performance, slow synchronization times, incorrect schedule data, or even file corruption. In this 1-hour webinar, learn how to use Ideate Explorer to keep warnings under control. We will cover the basics of Ideate Explorer with its powerful Query tools, and also dive into the new Ideate Explorer Revit Warnings interface, which will assist you to review and manage Revit warnings.  

  • Learn about the different Ideate Explorer User Interface features and benefits:
    • Explore and Filter
    • Navigate
    • Query
    • Warnings
  • Learn the difference between types of warnings and elements that have warnings.
  • Learn how to manage and resolve some typical Revit warnings.
  • Learn about the difference between Common, Calculated, and Geometric warnings in Revit.


About the presenter:

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist for Ideate Software, has over 30 years of experience working for companies that develop architectural and engineering software solutions such as Intergraph, Bentley, and Autodesk. He has over 18 years of Revit experience, and was part of the original development of Revit while at Revit Technology Corporation. He worked 12 years at Autodesk where he presented, taught, and worked to improve features in Revit. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and Masters of Architecture from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


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