Project Planning Guide for Owners and Project Teams

September 10, 2019 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT

Project Planning Guide for Owners and Project Teams

Better Planning for Uncertainty in Building Design and Construction

Building design and construction is one of the largest and most complex sectors of the world's economy. The industry includes public and private building owners, planners, architects, engineers, design and technical experts in various fields, construction contractors and managers, craftspeople and thousands of building product and system manufacturers. The design and construction process can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating--even for experienced building owners and project teams.

During this webinar, Donna Laquidara-Carr, Industry Insights Research Director at Dodge Data & Analytics, will review their latest research on project planning. This project planning guide will help owners and project teams think about risks as they begin building projects and plan to mitigate the uncertainties that are part of the design and construction process.

The guide is based on original industry research by Dodge Data & Analytics about the sources of uncertainty, recommendations for managing uncertainty and improvement strategies in building design and construction. It provides expert advice from owners, architects, and contractors based on real data about their experiences. It includes a link to a Contingency Calculator that project teams can use to appropriately budget for risks throughout the project lifecycle.

If you are interested in download the Dodge Data & Analytics Guide, click here.
Project Planning Guide | Dodge Data & Analytics


About the presenter:

Donna Laquidara-Carr

Dr. Donna Laquidara-Carr is Industry Insights Research Director at Dodge Data & Analytics, where she provides editorial direction to the SmartMarket Report Series, covering such diverse topics as World Green Building Trends, Business Value of BIM, Managing Risk in the Construction Industry, The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings, Building a Safety Culture and Lean Construction. Her insights on these topics have been published in numerous industry publications, and she regularly conducts webinars and speaks about this research at events for diverse organizations, including the AIA National Conference, CMAA National Convention, AGC, the Lean Congress, Greenbuild, the inaugural WELL Conference and BOMA.


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